After 3 months of using GoLang in a full-time job!

My GoLang background

3 months ago I joined Lightstreams to develop together with the team an authorisation protocol to manage programmable file permission access to protected content in decentralised networks in order to bring privacy and confidentiality into the peer to peer ecosystem.

As you may now, GoLang is widely used in blockchain community for its performance and flexibility. What you maybe don’t know is the fact, it’s VERY highly opinionated language.


Leaving 1500 colleagues to join 1

Bye bye trivago

After 3 years, 10 months, 24 days, or more precisely 2,050,560 minutes of my coding service at trivago, is time to say bye to all the amazing colleagues, projects and a beautiful island. I know, it was last month but I wanted to setup my blog first :)

If I should summarise my whole experience in one sentence, it would probably sound like:

To build successful projects, life lasting friendships,...

Agile doesn't exclude software design diagrams

The truth about documentation and Agile

In past, managers had amazing skills to push us, developers, with words: “You have to finish it before the deadline! We already announced the release date.”

Obviously, this was creating a lot of conflicts between/inside the teams and no one would naturally think about taking a marker and start actually thinking through the solutions by sketching system, software diagrams on a whiteboard. “Let’s code people! Hurry up!”