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Leaving 1500 colleagues to join 1

Bye bye trivago

After 3 years, 10 months, 24 days, or more precisely 2,050,560 minutes of my coding service at trivago, is time to say bye to all the amazing colleagues, projects and a beautiful island. I know, it was last month but I wanted to setup my blog first :)

If I should summarise my whole experience in one sentence, it would probably sound like:

To build successful projects, life lasting friendships, you must surround yourself with the right people.

What I noticed at trivago, is the fact that the team size doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the employees and their motivation. Even contrary, the bigger the team gets, the slower development cycle, weaker the vibe in my opinion is.

I must say, I was very fortunate to be able to experience the full transition from a very small team of 17 hungry, extremely motivated developers with 2-3 people per project to a team of 60 with 6-7 people per project and for that I must say thank you to everybody but especially:

  • John: for hiring me, keeping me motivated, mentoring me in picking up international girls 😈 and teaching me how to navigate/progress in my professional career and putting us all together
  • Moein, Gabri, Adri, Jose, Bogdan: for patience and all the knowledge you dropped on my junior self 4 years ago in order to be able to handle large codebases
  • Miguel: for picking me up at the airport when I arrived to Spain, teaching me responsibility in money sensitive projects, writing together insane SQL queries 10s of lines long and trusting me with the tech lead position
  • Raquel, Biel, Ester, Diego, Luis, Marcos: for all the fun we had together working, knowledge we exchanged, trivago Intelligence team was definitely the best of all!
  • Everyone else: Alex, Javi… I would be here forever writing down names!

Enough talking, a picture is worth a thousand words:

TSP-17 2014 TSP-17 2014

TSP Winter party TSP winter 2014

trivago Intelligence daily standups TSP winter 2014

trivago Intelligence TSP winter 2014

Karneval Karneval

Double pair programming, debugging Debugging

Cacao club! Cacao club

Farewell gift!!! Farewell gift

I hope we will all have the opportunity to work together once again in the future!!!

Was a blast.

So… why did you leave?

First, Mallorca is like… a prison… but a beautiful one.

Second, over last 15 years technology progressed A LOT! BUT… in which direction? Just because we can… doesn’t mean we should.

All the fancy phones, cheap everything, Facebook, Instagram, Google XYZ*, the things big corporations, governments are getting away with is unacceptable and everybody is getting slowly depressed from scrolling the god damn newsfeed without sadly, actually realizing it.

Another example. Yesterday I went to Pacha. Bit commercial I agree, but still. The DJ was quite good, the atmosphere was nice BUT the saddest thing was, everybody was just on their phones, recording, chatting, scrolling. Barely someone was really in the moment and acting like a human being. Like… WTF?

I believe is time to start developing a new tech with different methodologies in mind that actually connect people/businesses and enhances our lives in a true sense instead of feeding on them.

Third, I am extremely attracted to challenging problems. Blockchain is a highly challenging technology. Can you imagine developing projects without a centralised MySQL database?

Hello blockchain revolution

Therefore, 2 months ago I joined a new startup with the intention of bringing more privacy and confidentiality into the peer to peer ecosystem.

Our goal is to develop an authorisation protocol to manage programmable file permission access to protected content in decentralised networks.

And… if you made it till here. BTW!

We are hiring!

Are you looking for a change/new challenge?

We are a bunch of ambitious engineers who like to solve complex technical/business pain points and definitely like to party.

We understand the value engineers bring to companies and we are more than willing to appreciate it, alongside looking after each others career growth of course.

Are you in?